A Unique Destination in the Heart of Brontë Country

The Pennine Way from the Air

See Britain’s first long green trail from the air on a stretch across the Pennines from Middleton in Teesdale to the jaw-dropping HIgh Cup Nick.

35 Responses to The Pennine Way from the Air

  1. SMOGGYLAND says:

    Walked up Cauldron Snout to Dufton 2 days ago and the view over High Cup Nick is amazing.

  2. jimbo99ful says:

    Brings back all the happy memories from walking that section. I am putting together a series of videos showing the Pennine Way from the air, but in a flight simulator. I was quite impressed with the scenery within the sim and it was nice to virtually revisit some fantastic areas of our country. I have a video uploaded showing what the Kinder Scout and Edale Valley areas look like in the sim, you folks may be interested if you like this.

  3. peaseswest says:

    best stretch of walkin in the world!!! Cauldrons snout is awesome!

  4. Barnoe says:

    Did the walkin summer 2009, and was awesome, this video doesnt do this section justice, good as it is…. to see it all in person is something special :)

  5. 123westyworld says:

    We just love this, having walked the PW it brings it all back, everyone can experience the fantastic High Cup Nick now!

  6. DrumMoose says:

    I walked the PW in 2007, loved it, and that video covers one of my favourite stretches.

  7. crypticcripp says:

    England eh!!! stunning!!!

  8. Vziera says:

    wow that was so scenic, I like that!

  9. Svelter says:

    Please tell me that you have the video containing Gainford from above on the internet. I have a group of Canadian friends that I want to show my area to.

  10. scruff1953 says:

    Thanks for that. Brought back happy memories from the PW in 1974 and 1975….:-)

  11. thatfingio says:

    @kulika73 just cracked Dawn ,she was asking gor it

  12. coptersoisoi says:

    lol does mark ever sing songs about bitches and hos and smack downs and where’s my commie welfare check?

  13. 86223Hector says:

    Anyone that can get RORO roll on roll off in to a song deserves a fucking medal.

  14. adrenalfusspot says:

    speed for their wages

  15. kulika73 says:

    You’re all missing the point. Who else has written so eloquently about lorry drivers (and don’t say Dave Lee Travis, FFS)?

  16. lifepod2036 says:

    Mad Brilliant. what goes on in his mind. I think he’s a freemason and all of this is cryptic sht… but it just grooves. what the hell was going on in madchester in those days?

  17. subscooby says:

    @castingtherunes What, even the ‘bad bowel retention’ bit?

  18. boomstickblues says:

    @subscooby I think certain aspects sound strikingly similar. But that’s me. If you don’t hear anything, that’s all right. Some people (a lot of people) say Pavement’s “Conduit For Sale!” is a direct rip-off (homage, perhaps?) of The Fall’s “New Face In Hell”. Still others claim that “New Face In Hell” sounds uncannily like The Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On”, and on and on, lol. I don’t know. I like it all.
    Wait, did I inadvertently introduce you to The Monks? If so… 😀
    I love my Monks.

  19. subscooby says:

    @boomstickblues uh…you are saying…what, exactly? I listened to that Monks song. It’s interesting so thanks for bringing it to my attention, but I really don’t think they are that similar.

  20. scudder91 says:

    @castingtherunes “communinsts are just part time workers…and there’s no thanks… from the loading bay ranks… for the container drivers…”

  21. scudder91 says:

    “communinsts are just part time workers…and there’s no thanks… from the loading bay ranks… for the container drivers…”

  22. scudder91 says:

    “communinsts are just part time workers…and there’s no thanks… from the loading bay ranks… for the container drivers…”

  23. luvinbuzzin says:


    admirably so :))

  24. boomstickblues says:

    I appreciate your civility on the matter. I’ve been witness to some pretty fierce debates/flamewars regarding The Fall (especially when Pavement/Stephen Malkmus is involved, LOL), so this is a welcome change, haha.
    “he could make a cracking tune with pots and pans ::)”
    Clever bloke, isn’t he? 😀

  25. luvinbuzzin says:


    clearly inspired by the monk’s was/is smith – he could make a cracking tune with pots and pans ::)

  26. luvinbuzzin says:

    if this is official i’m confused ….. when was it released? after hex enduction & perverted??

  27. boomstickblues says:

    I’m fairly certain that what I’m about to say will make somebody (likely multiple somebodies) want to hack my head off and shit down my throat, but I feel it needs saying. I love The Fall. They’re fantastic. Mark E. Smith is fiercely intelligent, original and generally amazing. But in the case of this particular song…if you have a listen to “Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice” by The Monks, you’ll know what I mean. Maybe. Or maybe Im braindead.
    Nevertheless, I still love this song to death.

  28. luistownmassacre says:

    Brix was so cute.

  29. castingtherunes says:

    Then I shall live in a luxury flat and listen to disco!

  30. MrMonist says:

    My favourite MES lyric (though the ‘Observer magazine, self satisfied, smug’ line has stood the test of time 😉 )

  31. MrMonist says:


    Me too but alas the docks he worked on have been gentrified bigtime! No containers anymore…Salford quays is now a load of half empty luxury flats…

    This is probably my favourite ever tune (even though I’m a bit of a disco dad sort…)

  32. castingtherunes says:

    This song makes me wanna be a container driver.

  33. xyloplax says:

    Communists are just part time workers. Only from MES will you get that sort of lyric. Awesome.

  34. lolisflemita says:

    de puta mare..¡¡¡¡¡ siempre arriba en punk …..punk…seee

  35. ty3165 says:

    thank god for john peel

    r.i.p john please take a bow for introducing the world to such a great artist